Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scooters Take Over!

Today, scooters took over the streets of Denver, Sportique Scooters sponsored:

I didn't hear the actual rider count, but based on these pics I'm guessing somewhere between 60-75 scooters took part in the ride.

Laura and I were just about in the middle of the pack, the first pic is looking forward, the next looking back; As you can see, it was a long line of scooters.

The ride was about 3 hours (including stops) and covered about 50 miles all around Denver.

After the ride there was BBQ and a live band, a great way to finish up a fantastic day of riding!

I took lot's of pictures throughout the day, you can go to our Smug Mug Gallery to see them all.

Great Day!

-Rich & Laura-