Friday, September 12, 2008

New Object of Desire!

Since acquiring my 'scoot', back in May, I've been bitten by the two wheel bug really, no, REALLY bad!

We love exploring downtown with the scoots without having to worry about parking(both spaces and cost), as we can park them anywhere you park a regular bicycle. 90+MPG helps too and has us both using our car/truck a lot less. In fact, I've gone from filling the Subaru up weekly to once every 2 or 3 weeks (that will change once the snow starts to fly). And, while Laura needs the f-250 to transport the horse around, it's just not practical around downtown.

But, I have a need, a need to go 2 wheeling up into the mountains, on those twisty roads and on the freeways! The scoots, even though they'll do 55-60, just are not meant for serious highway travel.

So, I've got my eye on one of these:

It's the 2009 f 650 GS; A 'dual sport' bike meant for urban commuting and 'light' off road use like dirt and fire roads that are so prevalent up in the mountains!

I don't have a lot of experience with 'real' motorcycles, so I'm taking a basic rider course the 3rd week of September to give me the basic info I need to get started and to get my motorcycle endorsement on my driver license.

So, I need to start saving my pennies. Hopefully, I can get this by next spring. Now the real question....How do I get a rack like the one below??