Wednesday, September 3, 2008


There has not been a lot to post lately! A few days before the DNC started here, I took a pretty serious spill over the handlebars of my mountain bike, cutting open my left shin. The gash was big enough to lay your thumb into, and a little longer then the typical thumb(I'll spare you any pictures)!

Besides the 18 stitches in my shin, I had a huge egg sized knot on my calf, behind the cut,(from the bike crashing down on top of me I'm sure) that made it nearly impossible to walk for 5 days.

So, the labor day holiday was a pretty quite one around here. We did manage to 'scoot' downtown to the Taste of Colorado for some tasty treats and good music! We were treated to a free concert by John Waite (Babies in the 70's, solo artist 80's, Bad English 90's).

Now that the stitches are out, it's time to get back at it and do some things to blog about ;)