Friday, December 26, 2008

ROLO 2.0.1

New & Improved
Now with Video!

Laura received a Flip video recorder for Christmas from her dad. That's it, on the right. It fits in the palm of your hand, has no tape or disc and is completely self contained. The best part, it shoots in HD, 60 minutes worth of video.

Laura was off work today, and I worked a half day. I headed out to the barn, where Laura was riding Little Horse indoors, to shoot some practice video.

So, here is our introductory video featuring Little Horse and Laura, enjoy!

-Rich & Laura -


Rich said...

You guys are such gadget hounds!! That's a cool little video camera!


Bill - Our First Horse said...

Sweet! I was looking at buying one of those. I love how small it is and how you can just whip it out and press record and then transfer it to your computer.

BTW, I'm impressed how LH handles those scary horse-eating poles in the arena. I think I'd have to spend a fair amount of time convincing most of my horses to go near those things!

Hope you guys had a great Christmas.

Garrett said...

Gee, I hope that Little Horse didn't get a headache when he banged into the camera!

Cool camera. You guys are really the "techies". I can't even figure out Facebook.

Let's see video of Rich riding his bike.