Friday, December 26, 2008

Heated Grips and Fried Turkey!

Christmas day in Denver was 52 degrees and sunny. So, after a nice breakfast, Laura and I both went for a ride. Me on the motorcycle, Laura on Little Horse.

Here I am heading out for a ride around the city. It was great riding around downtown Denver on Christmas day, NO traffic at all! (Nice truck in the background, BTW ;) It was quite windy, so once I got over 50 mph, the heated handlebar grips really came in handy(they need to make those for mountain bikes, too).

In the evening, we hosted some friends' for Christmas dinner. The menu was fried turkey, green bean casserole and cheesy baked potatos, heart healthy to be sure!

This was the first time, since leaving Michigan in 2005, that we have not traveled back for the holiday. While, we missed being with family, we definitely made the best of the day.

- Rich -