Friday, July 11, 2008

Spud Gun Fun!

For Gary (since you asked)! All of this can be found at the Dangerously fun website


* A. Flint igniter (lantern lighter)
* B. 4" PVC cleanout plug
* C. 4" PVC fitting cleanout adapter
* D. 4" PVC coupling
* E. 4" x 24" PVC pipe
* F. 2" x 4" PVC increaser reducer
* G. 2" x 48" PVC pipe
* H. PVC cleaner, primer, & cement
* I. Sack of potatoes
* J. Hair spray (aerosol)


1. Cut the PVC components to length and clean and prime the joints. Cement components C thru G together. ( A comment on their website suggested going to 60" barrel "g". I did, not sure if it made any difference?)

2. Drill a hole for the lantern lighter in the middle of pipe E and then install the lighter with its included hardware. These lighters are very compact and use flint to produce a strong spark. You can find them in the camping section of large department stores. (I put the ignitor in the bottom of the end cap "B" easier to work with)

3. With the file, sharpen the circumference of pipe G. This makes shoving the potato in easier because the pipe will cut off the excess potato.

4. You’re ready to launch!
1. Find a very large, open area to launch the gun. (Yes, we were launching them into Lake Huron!)
2. Load a potato. Use a stick or rod to plunge it most of the way down the barrel.
3. Spray the hair spray (Use Aqua Net aerosol, trust me!) into the fat end of the gun. If you use too little the potato won’t go far; too much and it won’t launch at all because there is not enough oxygen in the chamber (we found an 8-12 second blast of hairspray gets best results, yours may vary)
4. Quickly screw on the plug (part B).
5. Hold the gun at your side, aiming in a safe direction. Give the lighter a quick flick, as if you’re snapping your fingers. (we were getting anywhere from 150-250 yard distances with the gun, again your distance may vary, have fun!)