Monday, July 14, 2008

A Different Kind of Rodeo

I had originally planned to go to a gymkhana in Ft. Lupton this weekend, but I found out that the gay rodeo was in town, so I told Rich to grab his camera and off we went.

The main reason we went is because Little Horse's turnout mate and BFF (best friend forever) is Reba, who's owner, Ken is active in the circuit. In addition, the president of the Colorado Gay Rodeo, is Ty, who boards her 2 horses, Leo & Hersey, where I do. I wanted to go see them to their stuff. Most of the rodeo was regular rodeo stuff, barrels and poles, but the people watching was something else. Here's a pic of one of the "queens":

Since Reba is relatively green and not used to the rodeo scene, Ken just did a practice run on the barrels and came in with a 29 second run. FYI....LH and I have done 27 seconds....not that we're bragging. Reba is the same age as LH, but she's only had about half as much training. She even jumps when she hears the 'snap' of a carrot breaking in half. But she's lightening fast! Here's a couple shots of Ken & Reba (Dashin Cash Reba):

Ty has 2 horses at Coal Creek, Hershey and Leo. Hershey is gelded...fully, but still drives the mares crazier than any stallion ever has. I walked LH up to the gate when he was in the indoor arena one day. She sniffed him, then screamed and reared up! Here's a pic of Hershey doing the poles:

And here's a pic of Ty on her other horse, Leo....who always pins his ears at LH:

They also had riders from Trick Riders Unlimited doing awesome stunts:

This one got a big cheer from the crowd:

This was my favorite picture of the day: