Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Having a great fall!

The new blog template doesn't add the date we make a post, so I've added it to the title. Rich tried to use a blog template outside of Blogger and now he can't change it. We may just wind up scrapping this blog and starting anew, or not.

Last weekend my dad and his girlfriend, Bobbi were here for 24 hours. It was a nice but quick visit. We had a great sushi lunch at Sushi Sasa. It's a pretty trendy place downtown. After lunch we went over to the barn so they could meet Little Horse and watch me ride. It was a quick ride since it was pretty warm in the sun (81 degrees) and everyone was getting hot, especially LH, who's sporting her winter coat. She was pretty miserable to be working in the heat. I can't say that I blame her. After a bit of relaxing at home, we went for an early dinner at The Flagstaff House in the foothills of Boulder. We got there at 5-ish, which turned out to be a perfect time. It was daylight when we got there, but turned dark during the time we had dinner. The scenery was spectacular! We had a fabulous dinner with some excellent wine that my dad picked out. The next morning we made breakfast, then took dad & Bobbi to the airport.

This weekend was a boys/girls weekend. On Saturday Rich scooted with David on his new big yellow motorcycle. It sounds like they went all over Denver, covering close to 50 miles. I trailered Little Horse over to my old barn where I went on a trail ride with my friend, Mary Jo and her 3 year old Saddlebred mare, Scarlett, or "Ms. Scarlett" as she's known. Since Ms. Scarlett is still new to being ridden, so we kept things at a walk. Little Horse was very accommodating, even doing a "courtesy spook" when Scarlett spooked so she wouldn't feel silly by spooking alone. We were out for close to 2 hours and had a great time. Afterwards, Mary Jo wanted to show me a Mexican restaurant she'd recently discovered, El Pelicano in Aurora.

On Sunday I went for a 3 hour trail ride with Aliza (David's wife). It started out cold and windy, with temps in the upper 40's. By the time we were 1/2 way through the sun came out, the wind died down, and it got up to 62. We rode over to Mary Jo's barn where they were having a horse costume contest. That was really cool to see! I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. On the long dirt road on our way home, we let our horses run. Little Horse was going so fast that it was scary fun!

While we were riding, the boys were mountain biking in the foothills at White Ranch. They called us when they got done, so we all met up for a Korean lunch/dinner (it was 3pm by now). It was a great weekend!